Elisabeth (dragonydreams) wrote in whichwillow,

Any interest in Which Witch Ficathon?

I hope that everyone and their families have been healthy during this crazy year. (I have been working from home since March and luckily my family and I are all healthy.) I know that I'm late checking in, but time has no meaning in 2020.

Is there any interest in a Which Witch Ficathon this year?

If you are interested, please leave a couple of prompt suggestions as a way of showing your interest and to help freshen up the prompt list. Make sure to note which season the prompt is for! You know how I set this up by now with 4 prompts per season. (You do not have to select prompts you suggest when sign-ups are posted.)

This is NOT the sign-up post. Just checking to see what the interest level is. If at least 5 people leave prompt suggestions then I will move forward with the ficathon.
Tags: !mod

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