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Story Prompts & Sign Ups

Welcome to a new season of the Which Witch Ficathon!

I am very excited to once again bring you the ficathon featuring our favorite witch, Willow Rosenberg. This is my on-going attempt to try to get more Willow-centric stories written. So pick your favorite pairing and sign up to help spread the Willow love.

You can view the dates and rules here.

Below the cut you will find this year's prompts to choose from. There are four prompts per (television) season, four post-season prompts, plus four prompts for possible crossovers. If some prompts look familiar, it's because we kept ones that weren't written last time.

Look over the choices and then reply in the comments with your three favorite prompts - in preference order, including pairings (if applicable). Keep in mind that more than one person can use any prompt, as long as they're writing different pairings. Don't forget to include your name and contact info, since I'll be emailing/PMing the assignments.

I'll go through the requests, and then by November 5th I'll send out your assignments. Simple enough, right? If you have any questions, just ask!

Season 1:
-- What if Marci Ross had kidnapped Willow instead of Cordelia in "Out of Mind, Out of Sight?"
-- Willow and Amy hanging out after the events of The Witch.
-- Willow seems to know a lot about Giles in Welcome to the Hellmouth. What was their first meeting like?
-- What if Willow was the one who turned into a hyena (in The Pack)?

Season 2:
-- What if Cordelia ended up taking Willow to the frat party in Reptile Boy instead of Buffy?
-- How did her experience on Halloween prepare Willow for taking over Jenny's classes?
-- What if Anyanka targeted Willow for a wish after she caught Xander and Cordelia kissing?
-- What if Willow’s coma in Becoming lasted for weeks, or even months?

Season 3:
-- What if Willow and Xander decide it wasn't a fluke?
-- What if the Mayor tried to be father figure for Willow instead of (or in addition to) Faith?
-- What if Willow chose to go to Oxford or somewhere else far away from Sunnydale?
-- How does Willow and Cordelia’s relationship evolve from the betrayal in Lover’s Walk to becoming phone buddies in Angel: the Series?

Season 4:
-- What would Willow do if Tara were captured by the Initiative?
-- Explore Willow's fear that was revealed in Fear Itself.
-- How does Willow and Cordelia’s relationship evolve from the betrayal in Lover’s Walk to becoming phone buddies in Angel: the Series?
-- What if the Unification Spell had some unexpected side effects on Willow (instead of, or in addition to the dreams in Restless)?

Season 5:
-- What if Willow chose to focus on killing Glory, rather than restoring Tara’s mind in The Gift?
-- What are some of Willow's (new) memories of her babysitting Dawn.
-- Willow has dinner with Tara and her family when they first arrive in town.
-- How does Willow convince Giles to stay, when he really wants to leave?

Season 6:
-- What If Willow was stung by the hallucination-causing demon in Normal Again?
-- How does Willow really feel about Xander marrying Anya?
-- What if Dark Willow discovered that Spike tried to rape Buffy in Seeing Red?
-- How does Willow prepare to bring Buffy back from the dead?

Season 7:
-- What if the First had appeared as Tara to visit Willow instead of Cassie?
-- What if Willow decided to stay at the coven and continue her magic training during Season 7?
-- What if Willow got together with one of the other Potentials instead of Kennedy?
-- What if Willow helped Spike adjust to having the soul?

Post Series:
-- What if Willow was sent to LA to bring back Dana in the Angel: The Series episode Damage?
-- What if Willow went back to the Coven after the fall of Sunnydale?
-- What if Willow does get the message that Angel needs her to help save Fred?
-- What if Willow decides to leave the supernatural world behind after they defeat The First and return to college?

--Willow's skills – magical or computer – are needed to solve a crime.
--Willow is involved with a vampire/werewolf/witch from another show/book/movie.
--After The Gift, instead of resurrecting Buffy, Willow asks a wizard or witch or demon hunter or superhero from a TV series/book/movie to help defend the Hellmouth.
--Willow's parents send her off to live with relatives (insert crossover family here) after the events of Gingerbread.

New rules:
1) You do not need to have a LiveJournal account to participate. You can sign up as Anonymous and give your fandom name in the form.
2) If you prefer not to disclose an email address, you can provide a link to your (LJ/DW) profile page where I can PM your assignment or if you're a Tumblr user, provide a link to your ask box.

Please copy and paste the following form in a comment to sign up.
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