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Which Witch Ficathon

Prompt suggestions?

Which Witch Ficathon

S3 Willow

Prompt suggestions?

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Comm/Site: Which Witch Ficathon
Looks like we have enough yeses to go forward this year.

Let's freshen up the prompt list a bit. Please submit Willow-centric prompts in the comments. They can be either generic or pairing specific. Open to post-series/future!fic prompts, but not comic-specific. Crossover prompts welcome, too.

Please include which season your prompt is for.
  • Willow working with wolfram and hart
    Willow going back to college
  • Ok, I went a little overboard with this. Feel free to take whichever ones you like and ignore the rest:

    Season 1 Willow seems to know a lot about Giles in Welcome to the Hellmouth. What was their first meeting like?

    Season 2: What if Willow’s coma in Becoming lasted for weeks, or even months?

    Season 3: How does Willow and Cordelia’s relationship evolve from the betrayal in Lover’s Walk to becoming phone buddies in Angel: the Series?

    Season 4: What if someone other than D’Hoffryn notices Willow’s Thy Will Be Done Spell in Something Blue?

    Season 5: What if Willow chose to focus on killing Glory, rather than restoring Tara’s mind in The Gift?

    Season 6: What if Dark Willow discovered that Spike tried to rape Buffy in Seeing Red?

    Season 7: What if Willow decided to stay at the coven and continue her magic training during Season 7?

    Post Season
    1. What if Willow was sent to LA to bring back Dana in the Angel: The Series episode Damage?

    After The Gift, instead of resurrecting Buffy, Willow asks a wizard or witch or demon hunter or superhero from a TV series/book/movie to help defend the Hellmouth.

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