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Story Prompts & Sign Ups

Below the cut you will find this year's prompts to choose from. There are four prompts per (television) season, four post-season prompts, plus four prompts for possible crossovers. If some prompts look familiar, it's because we kept ones that weren't written last year.

Look over the choices and then reply in the comments with your three favorite prompts - in preference order, including pairings (if applicable). Keep in mind that more than one person can use one prompt, as long as they're writing different pairings. Don't forget to include your name and email address, since I'll be emailing out the assignments.

I'll go through the requests, and then by September 11th I'll send out your assignments. Simple enough, right? If you have any questions, just ask!

Season 1:
-- Willow, Xander and Buffy plan their act for the talent show. (i.e., How did they end up doing Oedipus?)
-- Willow and Amy hanging out after the events of The Witch.
-- Willow offers to help Xander lose his virginity so that he won't be a target for the preying mantis teacher.
-- How does Willow feel after the events in I Robot, You Jane?

Season 2:
-- What are Willow's thoughts as she goes through Jenny's files?
-- What if Cordelia ended up taking Willow to the frat party in Reptile Boy instead of Buffy?
-- How did her experience on Halloween prepare Willow for taking over Jenny's classes?
-- What if Willow managed to complete the soul restoration the first time?

Season 3:
-- What if Willow and Xander decide it wasn't a fluke?
-- What if someone else found Willow and Xander in Lover's Walk?
-- Choose one Scooby and describe their thoughts when they think Willow is dead (any POV allowed except Willow's).
-- What if the Wish had been Willow's instead of Cordelia's?

Season 4:
-- What is life like with her roommate before Willow moves in with Buffy?
-- Explore Willow's fear that was revealed in Fear Itself.
-- How does Willow remembering her crush on Giles after seeing him sing affect her?
-- What if Willow had let Parker take advantage of her?

Season 5:
-- What if Willow had gone totally Dark!Willow in Tough Love, instead of in season six?
-- Willow has a memory of Joyce being more of a mother to her than her own, after Joyce's death.
-- What are some of Willow's (new) memories of her babysitting Dawn.
-- We never saw how Dracula engaged Willow. Why didn't he interact with her at all? Or, did he engage with her in some way we didn't see?

Season 6:
-- What if Buffy turns to Willow instead of Spike when she's pulled out of heaven?
-- Willow knows it's wrong, so why does she keep going back to Rack?
-- How does Willow really feel about Xander marrying Anya?
-- What if Willow didn't do the spell in Tabula Rasa?

Season 7:
-- What are some of Willow's sessions like in England?
-- What if the First had appeared as Tara to visit Willow instead of Cassie?
-- What if Willow had met the Guardian instead of Buffy?
-- What if Willow got together with one of the other Potentials instead of Kennedy?

Post Series:
-- What is Willow's life like with Kennedy in Brazil?
-- What if Willow goes off with one of the other Scoobies after the fall of Sunnydale?
-- Explore Willow and Buffy's relationship after leaving Sunnydale.
-- Willow's "magical awakening" in Chosen had unexpected results.

--Willow's skills – magical or computer – are needed to solve a crime.
--Willow is involved with a vampire/werewolf/witch from another show/book/movie.
--Willow gets sucked into another universe; or a character from another show/book/movie gets sucked into Willow's.
--Willow's parents send her off to live with relatives (insert crossover family here) after the events of Gingerbread.

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